UMAC Shipping Rates are an essential consideration for individuals and businesses looking to transport goods globally. With so many options available, it can be challenging to determine the most cost-effective and efficient shipping solution for your needs. Fortunately, UMAC Shipping offers a wide range of services at competitive rates, making it a popular choice among customers worldwide.

Shipping Rates from EDMONTON TO the Philippines

Based on different cities, the rate of UMAC cargo tracking is also different. Here is the list of different cities’ rates.

CityRateDelivery Time
Rizal$100.007-9 Weeks
Luzon 1$100.007-9 Weeks
Luzon 2$105.007-9 Weeks
Visayas$110.008-11 Weeks
Manila$95.007-9 Weeks
Mindanao$120.008-11 Weeks
umac shipping rates

UMAC shipping rate for Singapore to the Philippines

Shipping rates of umac cargo from Singapore to different cities of the philippine with different balikbayans box sizes are:

CityJumbo BoxXL BoxLarge BoxMedium Box
Luzon 1$160$140$130$90
Luzon 2$180$150$140$100
Rates of balikbayan subject to change without prior notice

Auckland to Philippine shipping rate

Shipping rates from Auckland to different cities in the Philippines are given below:

City(23 x 20 x 23)(23x20x17)
Luzon 1$150.00$120.00
Luzon 2$155.00$125.00

So these are the shipping rates of the umac cargo, Explore more about the Umac branches.