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Flash Express tracking number and its format

The foundation of tracking your Flash Express parcel lies in the unique tracking number. This alphanumeric code, typically containing 13-16 characters, serves as your key to unlocking the whereabouts of your package. It’s usually found on your shipment receipt, confirmation email, or directly on the shipping label.

Understanding the format of your tracking number can be beneficial for identifying any potential errors. For example, the first two characters typically represent the originating country of your package:

  • FLMYM indicates Malaysia
  • FLTHM indicates Thailand
  • FLPHM indicates Philippines

Examples of Flash Express Tracking Numbers:

  • FLMYM000000023456 (Malaysia)
  • FLTHM0000002868546 (Thailand)
  • FLPHM000001589237 (Philippines)
Flash Epxress Tracking Number Example

Process of tracking Flash Express Parcel

Tracking your Flash Express parcel is a simple

  1. Grab your Flash Express Tracking number: This unique code, typically 13-16 characters long, can be found on your shipment receipt, confirmation email, or directly on the shipping label.
  2. Enter your Tracking Number: Simply type or paste your tracking number into the designated field and hit the “Track” button.
  3. Monitor your package’s progress: Once you enter your tracking number, you’ll be presented with information such as the current status, past locations, and estimated delivery date, allowing you to stay informed throughout the delivery process

Flash Express Tracking Status

Once you enter your tracking number using one of the methods mentioned previously, you’ll be presented with detailed information about your package’s journey:

Current Status: This indicates the current stage of your package’s journey, such as “In transit,” “Out for delivery,” or “Delivered.” Knowing the current status allows you to plan accordingly and anticipate your package’s arrival.

Past Locations: This provides a record of the locations your package has been through, offering valuable insight into its travel path. This information can be helpful if you have any concerns about potential delays or if you want to track the progress of your package across different stages of the delivery process.

Estimated Delivery Date: This gives you an expected timeframe for when to anticipate your package’s arrival. Having an estimated delivery date allows you to plan your day accordingly and avoid unnecessary waiting.

Tracking status of Flash Express

By keeping track of these details, you can stay informed about the status of your package and ensure a smooth delivery experience.

Flash Express Services

Flash Express caters to diverse delivery needs with a range of services, offering flexibility and cost-effectiveness for businesses and individuals alike:

B2B (Business-to-Business): Designed for companies sending and receiving goods regularly, Flash Express offers competitive rates based on volume and distance. This service ensures cost-effective business operations, particularly for companies managing high volumes of shipments. Additionally, Flash Express offers dedicated account managers for B2B clients, providing personalized support and streamlined communication.

B2C (Business-to-Consumer): Flash Express recognizes the growing importance of e-commerce and provides cost-effective solutions for businesses selling online. Their B2C services cater to businesses of all sizes, helping them meet customer delivery expectations without breaking the bank. Flash Express offers various delivery options, including cash-on-delivery (COD) services, which can be beneficial for businesses wanting to provide flexible payment options to their customers

C2C (Consumer-to-Consumer): This service is ideal for individuals sending personal items within Southeast Asia. Flash Express provides a user-friendly platform and competitive rates, making it a convenient and affordable option for personal deliveries.

Next-Day Service: Expedite your deliveries with guaranteed next-day arrival within the same country (availability and pricing vary by location). This service is ideal for urgent deliveries or time-sensitive items.

Weekend Delivery: Get your packages delivered on Saturdays or Sundays for an extra charge (subject to availability). This service caters to individuals who prefer weekend deliveries for added convenience.

On-Time Delivery: Flash Express strives for on-time deliveries, offering compensation for delays exceeding their guaranteed timeframe (terms and conditions apply). This commitment to punctuality ensures reliability and builds trust with their customers.

Customer Support

Flash Express operates an extensive network of branches across Southeast Asia, providing convenient access for both senders and recipients. This network allows for efficient package handling and distribution, contributing to their reputation for reliable deliveries. You can find the nearest branch location by visiting their website and utilizing the branch locator tool. This online resource makes it easy to find the closest branch, allowing you to inquire about your package in person if needed.

Understanding Transit Times and Shipping Rates

Several factors can influence the transit time and shipping rates for your Flash Express delivery:

Transit Times

Origin and destination: The distance between the sender and recipient locations significantly impacts delivery timeframes. Naturally, longer distances will typically take longer for your package to reach its destination.

Package weight and size: Larger or heavier packages typically take longer to deliver due to handling and logistics considerations.

Selected service: Opting for expedited services like Next Day Delivery can significantly reduce transit times by prioritizing your package for faster processing and delivery.

Shipping Rates

Flash Express offers competitive shipping rates based on various factors:

Service type: The chosen service (e.g., B2B, B2C, Next Day Delivery) will affect the cost of your shipment.

Package weight and size: As mentioned earlier, larger or heavier packages typically incur higher shipping rates due to the additional resources required for handling and transportation.

Destination: Shipping rates can vary depending on the destination country and distance involved.


By understanding Flash Express tracking and exploring the various resources available, you can stay informed about your deliveries and ensure a smooth experience. Flash Express’s commitment to transparency and user-friendliness throughout the tracking process allows you to monitor your packages with ease, providing peace of mind and reducing uncertainties.